Escape Game Vermisst!

Das Unternehmen: Just Escape Austria


Salvatorgasse 19 Hall in Tirol Austria ()


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Квест Grossvaters Schatz

Grossvaters Schatz

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Seit einigen Monaten werden in der Gegend mehrere Menschen vermisst. Bisher gab es absolut keine Hinweise, auf das Verbleiben der Vermissten. Deshalb werdet ihr als Spezialermittlerteam hinzugezogen…

Since a few months a lot of people got missing in the area. Till now there are no hints about the where about of the missing. For that reason you as a special investigation team were asked for help. After some researches you found the location of the kidnapper. Be careful! It could be a trap. Can you solve the case, or are you gonna be MISSING! as well?

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