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Imagine. You enter the room with your friends, your family – your team. Suddenly, all the doors are firmly locked. You know one thing for certain – you must get out. Where is the key needed to exit the room? The answer to this secret is hidden in the small details around you… Let the escape begin. Solve the fiddly riddles and perplexing puzzles around you. Clue after clue, step after step, move closer to achieving your goal. Do not forget – time continues to tick away. You have precisely 60 minutes to reveal the room’s secrets. The atmosphere is tense and every single person in the room must be active in persuit of the goal. Think, search, discover, compare, combine and never give up. That is the way forward. Every minute detail may (or may not) assist your quest. Sometimes the answer is far simpler than expected. It is time to think outside the box. You must find the key to the exit. Do not be perplexed. Time is ticking…