Escape game Climate Crisis

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The ice caps are melting, the oceans are full of plastic, the land is flooding and the forests are on fire. Extreme weather events worldwide.
One top secret company aims to eliminate the problems caused by humans.
In the midst of the climate crisis, they are developing a weather control machine built to influence the weather. There is a lot of debate over who should be in charge of such a powerful machine. As a result the project is known only to a few individuals.
At one of the test locations, St Anton am Arlberg, the weather control machine is malfunctioning. This will lead to record amounts of rain unless the machine can be stabilized.
There has been an increase in extreme weather events throughout the area and the dam is already full. Suspicions are aroused.
A Team of highly skilled scientists from this secret organization are on route to stabilize the machine and neutralize the problem
They must succeed before the dam bursts and floods St Anton.

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