Escape Game School of Magic

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Rauhensteingasse 7, 1010 Vienna ()

0660 60 50000

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Experience the fantastical excitement of being in the School of Witchcraft by helping the headmaster defeat the dark followers of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. As the chosen ones to redeem the school from his evil powers, decode the answers from pieces placed on fireplace mantles, page-turning books, teacups, broomsticks and even flying candles!

Live through the moments in a world of sorcerers, magic wands and wizardry with life-like Potterish space decor such as Headmaster's Office, Snape’s potion classroom rolled into one with giant overhanging chandeliers. The School of Witchcraft will transport you to a world you had only seen in your dreams… and of course in the movies. Find your way out through a fantasy world filled with pure escape room adventures!

School of Magic is in great danger! While other students are on vacation, you are the ones the Headmaster called for help. Discover the world of Sorcerers and Magic! Cast spells, use magic wands, solve puzzles, and defeat dark followers of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Great fun for the whole family. Hurry! An unforgettable adventure awaits!